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Introduction to Internet Explorer: Microsoft Internet Explorer is the web browser you will often find in Microsoft manufactures. This was developed way back in the 1990s. Though its use is limited these days, it gave a very tough competition to the other browsers in the past. It was designed for the Windows 95 during August 1995. It came out to be a phenomenal success with higher usage shares of almost 95%.

internet explorer Windows 10

With its multiple features, Internet Explorer replaced Netscape Navigator during the ’90s. It won’t be wrong to say Netscape took the technology world by storm and IE surpassed it. The new browser had everyone’s attention. Thanks to its ability to open various WebPages and provide instant Microsoft updates.  Some pointed out that bundling Internet Explorer with windows came out as an advantage. Whatever be the reason, Internet Explorer ruled the browser world for quite a while. But later on, it fell behind in the race. Safari and other web browsers slowly crawled up leaving IE behind. Also, read our latest blog post about best powerpoint alternatives for Windows 10.

It started as Internet Explorer 1.0 for Windows, and the latest version is Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10.

Download Internet Explorer For Windows 10.

IE Interface
IE Interface

Microsoft is very considerate when it comes to downloading Internet Explorer. While certain manufacturers charge you to download their browsers, Microsoft doesn’t do that. Internet Explorer is a free browser to use! You can download Internet Explorer versions easily from the support page of Microsoft. They have all the versions listed, and you have to choose the one most compatible with your device. This includes a browser for your PC, mobile, and tabs too.

Download Internet Explorer 11

The above file is Internet Explorer 11 32 bit version offline installer. It works both on 32bit and 64 bit Windows 10 Operating systems.

Internet Explorer also comes as a part of Microsoft service packages that has it as an add-on. You can think of it as a complimentary gift from the manufacturers for purchasing their software.  It is the custom application of a Windows operating system. This implies that Internet Explorer is already pre-installed on the devices that have Windows OS. Sadly, IE is a very clingy browser. Once installed on your machine, it is hard to uninstall it. Windows allows you to turn off its function but never lets you get rid of it altogether. It’s merely a very close part of windows no matter what.

It is easy and takes less time to download the Internet Explorer browser. You have to download the execute a file from the Microsoft website and run it on your computer. You will be guided throughout until you reach the final stage of installation. Click on the ‘finish,’ and your browser is ready to run.

Internet Explorer is not the default web browser in Windows anymore. Microsoft recently replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge. This came like a shock to all the Explorer lovers. The last version of IE is IE 11 that is compatible with Windows 8. From Windows 10, Microsoft Edge takes the upper hand. You can still download Internet Explorer for older versions of Windows from their site.

As the saying goes, Old is Gold. Though Microsoft introduced Edge, Internet Explorer still has a better usage share percentage. But Edge is slowly establishing its base. It has a decent 4.8% that is gradually increasing and shaping out to be competitive with other browsers.

Microsoft is making efforts to introduce Edge and slowly remove Internet Explorer from people’s heads. But is that possible?  Only time can tell.

Which version or available to download?

  1. Internet Explorer 10
  2. Internet Explorer 9
  3. Internet Explorer 12 For Windows 10

All of these versions are compatible with both Windows 10 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit versions. Internet Explorer has been always free to download. If you have any issues while installing it then do let me know. The file, I am giving you in this site is offline version.

Features and Security

Internet Explorer is always associated with Windows 10. However, it was made compatible with other devices too. For instance, IE for Mac, IE for UNIX, IE for Xbox (360 version) versions were released. These were later discontinued. The reason is the reduced use of IE after the introduction of Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. Now, IE is found in Windows mobiles and other aggregate software. The Internet Explorer mobile works actively on Windows Phone and Windows CE.

It has some impressive features if you try to look deeper. It has options to view the page source, see the encoding and magnify the text when required. It allows users to copy paste and cut specific wordings or sentences from the page. Most importantly, it will enable easy tracking of words through the ‘Find on Page’ option. Like any other browser, it offers a search bar, menu bar, and status bar. The security tab helps to enable or disenable the private mode for surfing safely. Internet Explorer 11 works on Windows 10 without any issues. Installing it on Windows 10 PCs and Laptops is very easy.

It has useful security features that block unwanted pop-ups. It allows private surfing and hiding history if necessary. We are aware of the small apps that often urge us to download games or videos. These contain malware and viruses that can destroy your OS in a snap. IE has ActiveX Filtering that monitors the websites not to download and use these apps. Also, it doesn’t allow sites to download content you don’t want. This can also be a disadvantage. Sometimes, ActiveX can reduce the performance of specific videos and games online that have required plug-ins.

Notepad is a dear friend of Internet Explorer. Every version of Internet Explorer lets you edit page codes on Notepad that would ultimately show on the browser.

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