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If you have just stumbled upon this article and have no clue as to what the topic entails, probably the first question that may be running through your mind is what Kiss Anime is. In this article, I will tell you how to visit the or working website by using secret ways. You can also see the all working proxies of and mirrored sites of Kiss Anime.

What is KissAnime?

To understand what Kiss Anime is, first of all, you have to know what anime means. For the few of you that are hearing the word ‘Anime’ for the first time, anime is an artistic style that is heavily used in and associated with Japanese animation.

In simple terms, Anime stands for Japanese cartoons.

The features of these animation works usually differ from artist to artist, but all fans view all as just anime. The standard features that cut across almost all anime figures are big eyes, big hair, small face, and a little nose. Some of the styles and fashion portrayed are unruly and overstated while some take a more realistic approach.

This style has been adopted by a comparatively low number of animation works from other countries. Therefore, it is the most common and widespread in Japan. So basically KissAnime is just a website, a popular site for that matter that offers anime fans unlimited streaming of their favorite anime shows, which is all completely free.



  1. How to Access KissAnime.RU &
  2. is KissAnime.Com & KissAnime.Ru Legal?
  3. KissAnime Alternatives

Disclaimer: The article is for educational purposes only. We are not promoting or encourage anyone to use these sites. Use the information wisely. Some of it may not true.

How to Access KissAnime.Ru &

Most of the Kissanime websites are blocked by Internet Service providers. To access these websites you can download the following VPN software. Download the best VPN Software for KissAnime & Install. Do not use any free VPN service providers. They will track your data. I recommend you to use the same VPN that I use to access all blocked websites.

Kiss Anime Pros

  • With KissAnime, you can stream anime shows with or without having a user account.
  • Anime lovers all over the globe can enjoy streaming these shows as they are usually English subbed and dubbed.
  • Also, KissAnime uploads its shows in almost all the video quality formats.
  • Besides, KissAnime has a full category of genres to choose from such as martial arts, fantasy, romance, science fiction (Sci-fi), thriller, comedy, horror, space and many more. If you have a good download manager, the anime shows can be downloaded for later viewing.

Kiss Anime Cons

  • Although KissAnime website has a tone of videos available for users and for free, it comes with a lot of drawbacks as well especially if you are visiting the site for the first time.
  • If you are a new visitor to the site, the layout may seem a bit foreign since it does not look that modern.
  • It will take some time to learn the tricks on navigating the website and finding what you want. Also one has to go through too many clicks before you can watch what you want.
  • Every time one needs to watch a particular show you have to complete a captcha which is frustrating.
  • Almost every click you make on KissAnime opens up an advertisement link redirect.
  • You can try to use an ad-blocker to enhance your experience of which many a time may result in the site not working at all. There have also been claims of fake websites that are the same as KissAnime mirroring the official site.
  • These sites are said to be full of hackers and spammers.

Here is an important thing to note. The content provided freely by & KissAnime.Ru websites are pirated, and so the whole thing is illegal. This explains why KissAnime has been brought down several times due to illicit issues. One time you have a working link to the website then the next it is not. Currently, this is the working link to KissAnime website ( The makers of these anime shows usually intend to make a financial profit out of them where else KissAnime uploads and broadcasts without the consent of the particular owners.

Looking at the drawbacks of KissAnime, in this article, we also decided to take a look at a few alternatives for KissAnime which you can try out.

KissAnime alternative Sites to Access Cartoons


  • URL:

If you have been facing frustrations concerning KissAnime, then Chia-anime would be a great option to try out. Just like www.KissAnime.Com, Chia-anime offers to stream your favorite anime shows for free. Chia-anime uploads its content regularly, but at times there are chances you may not find your favorite show. In comparison, www.KissAnime.Com seems to have a better user interface between the two. Anyways if the showings are for free why not try it out, perhaps you might find a show that might excite you.


2. Animelab

Animelab is another website that is great for streaming anime shows. And of course, streaming is entirely free. The website interface for Animelab is pretty impressive, and they boast a great collection of favorite anime shows. The drawback for this site is that the service is mainly intended for users living in Australia and New Zealand, but of late they have been integrating other countries as well. Try it out but know that your country may or may not be included.


3. Anime Season

  • URL:

Being an anime lover, you ought to keep Anime Season in the favorite list. This website is worth trying as it is one of the sites that are popular and well known. Anime season has a simple interface that is easy to navigate and has minimal adverts. Viewing shows on Anime Season is free. One thing that I found appealing about this site is that watching your favorite shows is just a few clicks away. Anime Season would be an excellent site to give a try.


4. 9Anime

  • URL:

Are you fed up with KissAnime and looking for an alternative once and for all? Then 9Anime is precisely the answer. 9Anime has a tone of anime shows that you can watch for free. The Website uploads show that are either English subbed or dubbed.  It also includes various video qualities that you can choose depending on your preference or bandwidth. The site needs just a few clicks before you can eventually start watching a particular show. 9Anime has only a few ads that will not hurt you for trying the site.


5. AnimeFreak

This site has a pretty decent list of anime shows that are available to stream for free. The user interface for Anime Freak is way better and dull compared to KissAnime. Just like the rest of the other anime sites, Anime Freak offers browsing by genre, the latest release, alphabetical order and so on. The site has a lot of anime shows in its library.


6. is a great anime website as well. It contains thousands of anime shows that you can stream for free. Though you have to be quick in reading subtitles because a bigger proportion of the shows uploaded onto the site are English subbed rather than dubbed. has a nice interface with little ads and getting to your desired show is as easy as one two three. If you do not find your favorite anime show elsewhere, this would be a good palace to try and look.

7. Anilinkz

AnilinkZ is yet another website out there that is great for watching anime shows. Anime streams on Anilinkz are both English subbed and dubbed making them reasonable for most anime fans. Anilinkz is one of the most updated Anime sites out there as the content is uploaded from time to time. Anilinks has a wide range of genre categories to choose from. All the anime shows are completely free.


8. Anime Streams

  • URL:

The simplicity and ease of use of this site are the major pluses for Anime Streams. Although it does not showcase so much of the favorite anime shows, it still has a considerable number in its library. You may always find an anime show that might interest you or at times be surprised to see your favorite series uploaded. Although the site has a few ads of which do not frustrate as much. The clicks involved are minimal as well.

Anime Streams


9. Crunchyroll

  • URL:

Crunchyroll is also a nice place to stream your favorite anime series, but this one is entirely different from the rest of the sites that we have highlighted here. It is different from the others because all the content uploaded to the site is licensed or has followed proper legal channels therefor streaming is not for free. So if you have a few dollars to spare and is concerned with staying on the right side of the law, then Crunchyroll is the place for you. Not only does it offer anime shows but also a variety of other shows as well in multiple languages not just English and Japanese. The interface is elegant.


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KissAnime.Com Conclusion

Relying entirely on a particular anime website will not work for anyone who is a true anime fan. For example, you may be a regular user of KissAnime or any other anime site, but at times you might find that KissAnime does not have the series or episode you are looking for. So it would be better to have all the above websites in your arsenal just in case one does not have what you are looking for. Chances are you are likely to find it on another site. Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope this article helped.

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