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Alright, folks if you are hearing the term MangaHere for the first time you are probably overwhelmed with questions as to what it is or what’s the essence. So, let me break it down a bit to get a clear and better understanding.

First of all, to get the whole aspect, we need to apprehend the meaning of the word manga. Manga is a Japanese comic which characterizes a particular style which is distinctive and very easy to recognize.

It is mostly associated with Japanese artists and animators in this field (manga-ka: manga writers). This style originated and is popular in Japan.

Although in recent years this style has spread into China and other neighboring countries as well and generally across the Asian continent. You may be surprised that works done using this style have a more significant fan base in the western countries despite being done in Japan.


Almost all the comic figures share unique or critical features which include big hair, big eyes compared to the face, small face as well, to the short nose.

This is not to say the style is limited to the mentioned characteristics. You may have watched or heard about anime shows before. It is evident that the artistic style and fashion portrayed in manga comics and anime shows share a lot in common.

There is no coincidence to this as there are the manga and anime versions of Dragon Ball for instance. There are many other examples as well. In short, the Manga is a comic version of anime shows. You can also Watch Cartoon using Kiss Anime blog.

Is Manga Here Legal?

No, Mangahere doesn’t produce content on its own. So it is no legal. So, Please be advised using pirated sites could get you in trouble.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated nor promotion Mangahere in any way. This article is for educational purposes only.

What is MangaHere?

So basically Mangahere is a popular website that uploads manga comics for all the manga lovers for free. You can read about all your favorite manga comics online with an excellent reading experience and high-quality images. Mangahere boast of a significant collection of manga series with ongoing series being updated regularly.

The majority of manga comics uploaded on this site are written in Japanese, Hangul (Korean) and English, therefore suits a broader category of fans.  Mangahere has a friendly interface with the highlights in the home page arranged satisfactorily.

This collection is organized into multiple genres which you can select from including romance, school life, action, supernatural and many more. The genre category list is easily visible and accessible near the top of the home screen.

Every manga series on MangaHere has its rating so if you are looking to start on a new series you can make your choice or assessment based on the score of that particular manga.

Mangahere has an advanced search feature that lets you filter out the search result depending on your preferences. For example, you can filter out depending on the genre, rating, year of release, author and artist, etc.

You have the option of creating an account if you want to, but one can still access any manga series even without a user account or sign in. Since all comics on Mangahere is free, one would expect that the site has a tone of ads because that is the most appropriate way to make money from its users.

Well, that is not the case as the site has minimal ads which one can deal with. The steps and clicks involved for you to read a particular manga are short which is excellent. To access the working link to Mangahere website click here.

You can Access Mange Here at www.Mangahere.CC .

Mangahere has many competitors out there of which we will examine as well.

Similar sites like MangaHere

  1. Manga home

Manga Home
  • Among the listed websites in this article, in my opinion, this is the best website hands down.  The interface and content presentation is very professional as you can see from the screenshot below.
  • You can browse the content according to your favorite genre, artist, rating, etc.
  • One cool thing about this website is that once you click a particular manga chapter or section, almost the whole story is loaded on one page therefor the number of time you need to press the next button Is minimized.
  • What you will be doing most is just scrolling down rather than opening the next page.
  • Manga home has a full search functionality where you can filter out the search results according to your preferences.
  • Comic materials on this website are free whether you have a user account or not. But if you are a die-hard fan of manga, it would probably be a good idea to have a user account on this website as they usually update you on new releases via email depending on your subscription for a particular manga you are reading. To check out the site, click here.
  1. Mangafox

Looking at the interface design for Mangafox, it is pretty neat and easy to navigate. When you examine the interface keenly, you will notice that it exactly resembles that of Mangahere with the vital difference being just the colors.

They have an extensive collection of popular manga series as well. You can browse through their library according to the genre for various manga series, or you can search using their powerful search functionality.

Reading your favorite manga on this website is free. You have the option of creating a user account or not. Either way, reading is still open. The website does not have a lot of bugging ads as well. To access Mangafox website click here.

MangaFox website
  1. Mangatown

Another excellent manga website is Mangatown. If you are looking for the next chapter for your favorite manga series you will probably find it here.

The interface is well organized with large cover images which are easy to view and get an idea for a particular manga. They have a massive collection of manga series which are all free to read.

Most of the manga stories are written in English. The presentation of featured manga series on the home page has a delightful order. Starting on a particular manga is as easy as 1 2 3 with not many steps involved.

Creating a user account allows you to keep a record of your bookmarks which includes a list of the manga you are reading, the ones you plan to read, completed, etc.

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  1. Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot is another beautiful website to read manga comics online. They have hundreds of manga comics you can choose from or follow up on your favorite series.

They have a genre section where you can select a category you are looking for. One drawback I have seen about the website is that the interface is not as neat as the other sites.

The cover images are a bit small of which it may be hard to perceive what is portrayed on some of the pictures. Although everything is organized correctly, you will not get lost in the way while browsing for your preferred manga.

Reading manga on this website is entirely free. You can create an account if you want, but it is not necessary. Having an account will, of course, unlock additional functionality and experience such as the ability to have a bookmark list.

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  1. Manga Panda

Manga panda is yet another popular website that is visited by many manga fans with its content being free. This website has a simple interface although not very appealing as the others.

Anyway, the interface does not have to be of too much concern if you can find your favorite manga there. They have a massive collection of manga in their databases of which you can filter out using their advanced search functionality.

It is also appropriate to note that the website has too many ads and link redirects. Manga panda does not have the option of creating a user account. But it wouldn’t hurt to try it out when you do not seem to find your favorite manga in the other websites; you may be surprised.

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  1. Manga reader

Manga reader is still another popular manga website out there. The site has a considerable collection of manga comics as well. You will notice that the interface design for Manga Reader is similar to that of Manga Panda.

Also, they do not have the option of creating a user account.  You will not fail to find some of the popular manga series being uploaded here. They have an advanced search as well. Go ahead and check out their website here.

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Other manga sites that might be of interest:

  • Kiss manga
  • Manga Park
  • Batoto
  • Manga Freak
  • Manga Stream



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