Pokemon Uranium Download For Windows 10 & MAC

Pokémon Uranium is a fan made a game for lovers of the Pokémon franchise. It was developed by several fans who wanted to keep the Pokémon game franchise alive even after the original Pokémon game subsided. The game was in development for over nine years, and it was released in 2016. It was unlicensed and did not have any affiliation and authorization from Nintendo, who own the Pokémon trademark.

Pokemon Uranium Download For Windows 10 & MAC

All You Need to Know About Pokémon Uranium

The game was eventually pulled out, and its entire download links were pulled down after Nintendo cited copyright infringement in the development of the game and its storyline. Nintendo noticed the popularity of the game, but they did not make any effort towards developing a similar game. In just a week of the unofficial release, Pokémon uranium was downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

How is it Played?

Like any Pokémon game, you have to capture the Pokémon and battle against other players with the captured Pokémon. There are numerous Pokémon’s to capture, but this fan-made game includes other species to capture. Like any other Pokémon game, there is online trading and battling. In case you are unfamiliar with this, Pokémon trainers can trade their Pokémon for merchandise. Pokémon trading is a massive thing in this game, and you need to familiarize yourself with this when playing Pokémon.

This fan-made Pokémon game has added species that can be captured and used to battle other Pokémon trainers. There are over 190 Pokémon available to catch and battle within Pokémon uranium.

Pokémon Uranium Plot

The plot for this game was created to satisfy the needs of the Pokémon fans. The plot is player friendly and customized for the best player experience.

Pokémon uranium’s plot is centered on the Tandoor region. The player has to navigate and capture Pokémon’s in this region. The player has to collect a total of 8 gym badges and edge out all opponents to be the ultimate Pokémon champion.

The Pokémon protagonist receives a Pokémon of their own choice from the master Bamb’o. The protagonist then has to navigate through the Tandoor region with suspicion since strange things are occurring in this area.

This Pokémon also involves a lot of unexplored areas which you have to find for yourself. It is somehow unique and different compared to other Pokémon games. The plot is dark but exciting, and you will find yourself invested in this game.

How to Download and Play Pokemon Uranium For PC & MAC

Although the Pokémon uranium download links were pulled down a week after the game was launched, there is still a way you can download and play the game. The relationship links that I am going to provide are private ones, but they work. Furthermore, this is the only option since there are no other means of getting the link to work.

You can download the installation package from the following links;

  1. Download Pokémon Uranium
  2. Download Pokémon Uranium

In case one link doesn’t work, you can try the alternative.

Once you have the game downloaded, you should do the setup and start playing. The download package is about 250mbs so be sure that you are connected to a wireless network to avoid extra charges.

Installing Pokémon Uranium in Windows 10 PC

The installation package is straightforward. Go to the location where your download is stored and click on it. Follow all the installation instructions that appear on the screen, and you will be good to go.

The game will automatically launch upon complete installation.

The game offers the following features;

  • Eight gyms, 13 towns, and 6 optional side quests
  • 190 species of Pokémon to capture
  • The Poke Radar
  • Mega Evolution
  • Mystery gift
  • One on one battling and trading with other Pokémon trainers
  • Custom game modes
  • GTS, Wonder trade and Virtual Trainer
  • Multiple save files

Checking for Updates Pokemon Uranium

The game offers a check for updates option when you are launching. Although the game’s official download links were pulled down, the creators of this great fan made game might surprise you with updates to the game. So far, the game is delightful, and there are very few bugs. The gameplay is fantastic.

The only downside of this game is the graphics. As I stated earlier, the game was created by fans, and therefore the resources that were available for them were not that abundant compared to those that Nintendo developers have at hand.

Enjoy capturing Pokémon!!!

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