CSS Creme Of The Month

Every once in a while we try to identify what’s hot in one of our categories and this time we picked CSS since it’s becoming more popular with each day that goes by. More and more web designers become interested in learning every trick. A good way to do it is by good examples which is what this list will try to showcase. The best CSS examples of the month.

CSS+Javascript power. Fancy menu

“Every time that I know I?m going to use Javascript to alter the behavior or look of something, I try to come up with a simple markup, and make sure it renders perfectly with Javascript turned off.”

Ten Things To Know About CSS

John is covering the “getting-started list to make sense of CSS” on his blog. Very interesting points to start with if you’re in CSS.

CSS Formatter and Optimiser

“It helps you get smaller CSS file sizes and better written code. The way the optimizer works actually lets you decide how much compression you want. From super compressed (virtually unreadable and editable by a human being) to visually pleasing.”

Grid layouts?

This article of Khoi Vinh really makes you hungry of learning the principles of a grid layout.


42 CSS layouts to get you started faster with a new project (maybe).



This is not only “the most comprehensive API collection on the web” but a visual appeal too, not to mention the easy navigation. A perfect place to “ask” questions.


As it says…”This tutorial examines the different layout properties available in CSS: position:static, position:relative, position:absolute, and float”.

Optimize Your CSS Even More

Faster….faster…faster. Learn the proper way to do it…From “5 Ways to Speed Up Your Site…I?ll go a bit more in-depth with a simple, yet powerful, PHP method of compressing your CSS.”


“One thing that has bugged me was the need to add clearing elements to the markup to keep a container wrapped around a floated element. Most people use a division, horizontal rule or a break and set it to clear both to keep the container around the float. Well now there’s another way that will free us from the need to add extra clearing elements.”

Using Background-Image to Replace Text?

“Images aren?t that bad, are they? With a few simple style tricks and a little cautious planning and testing, type on the Web can be guiltlessly beautiful and equally accessible and perfectly indexable, all at the same time. It?s time to spread those wings again.”


“CSSFly is a web 2.0 tool for easy editing websites direct and in real-time in your browser. Simply edit the (X)HTML-code and the external Style-Sheet files : what you code is what you get! This tool is designed for developers. Use it for developing, testing or checking your web-project or take a look behind the sceneries of your favourite websites.”


“This guide will attempt to take you step by step, through the process of creating a fully functioning CSS layout.”

Still hungry? Check out the Ajax creme of the month or the best web tools.


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