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As loyal customers of Kroger, we all appreciate the wide variety of products and excellent customer service they consistently offer. But did you know they’re constantly working on improving our shopping experience even further? That’s where the Kroger Feedback Survey comes in. By visiting Kroger.Com/Feedback(Previously Known as, we can share our opinions and experiences with the company, ultimately contributing to a better experience for everyone.

The Kroger Feedback Survey is easy to access and complete on It’s a simple way for us to provide our thoughts and help Kroger make informed decisions about their services, products, and overall customer experience. By participating, we are not only providing valuable insights that can shape the future of Kroger, but we also have a chance to win exciting rewards, like gift cards and fuel points. So let’s take a few minutes to share our thoughts and contribute to the growth of our favorite supermarket chain!

How to Start the Kroger Feedback Survey?

To begin the Kroger Feedback Survey, we’ll first navigate to the official survey website at Kroger.Com/Feedback (Previously Known as We can do this by typing the URL into our browser’s address bar. Once we’re on the homepage, we should be able to see the survey form where we’ll input details from our receipt.

Entering Kroger Feedback Survey Details

Upon locating the survey form, we will need to provide some information from our Kroger receipt. Make sure the receipt is handy and clearly visible. We’ll be entering the following details from our receipt:

  • Date: The date of our visit to Kroger, usually found at the top of the receipt
  • Time: The time when we made our purchase, also found at the top of the receipt
  • Transaction: The transaction number, which is typically located below the date and time

Once we’ve entered this information, we should double-check it for accuracy. If everything looks good, we can proceed by clicking on the “Submit” button. With the survey now started, we can begin to answer questions about our shopping experience at Kroger and provide valuable feedback.

Take note that by completing the survey, we become eligible for Kroger digital coupons and other rewards. Additionally, the date and time we took the survey must fall within the specified range on the survey website. This ensures that our feedback is relevant and up-to-date.

Requirements of Kroger Feedback Survey

We understand that participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey can be an exciting opportunity for customers. To ensure a smooth and successful survey-taking experience, we would like to outline a few key requirements.

First and foremost, it’s essential to have a recent Kroger purchase receipt containing a valid Entry ID to begin the survey process. Without this information, it won’t be possible to access the online survey.

Next, we want to make sure that all participants in the survey are legal residents of the United States. The Kroger Feedback Survey is specifically designed for US customers, and as such, the company’s target audience is limited to this region.

As for language requirements, Kroger provides options for survey-takers to choose from. Although English tends to be the most commonly selected language, alternate choices may be available depending on the region. It’s important to select a language that you’re comfortable with to ensure that your feedback is accurate and valuable.

The online survey is the primary mode of participation. For this reason, having a reliable internet connection and access to an internet-capable device (e.g., a computer, smartphone, or tablet) is necessary. This allows you to provide your feedback with ease and convenience.

To recap, before you start participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • A recent Kroger purchase receipt with a valid Entry ID
  • Legal residency in the United States
  • Pre-selected language preference for the survey
  • Access to an internet-capable device and stable internet connection

By adhering to these requirements, you can ensure a seamless survey-taking experience and contribute valuable feedback to improve your local Kroger store. Happy surveying!

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Kroger Feedback Survey 50 Fuel Points Reward

We are always looking for ways to improve our shopping experience, and Kroger is no different. They value customer feedback and reward us for it through the Kroger Feedback Survey. When we participate in the survey, we can earn 50 fuel points as a reward. It’s a win-win situation for both us and Kroger!

To get started, simply visit the KrogerFeedback website and have your receipt handy. After entering the required information from the receipt, we are ready to answer questions about our recent shopping experience. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete, and at the end, we are rewarded with 50 bonus fuel points.

But that’s not all! Completing the survey also enters us into Kroger’s sweepstakes. With a little bit of luck, we might win a Kroger gift card worth up to $5,000. That’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up on groceries or even splurge on some goodies. There are also several smaller prizes, such as $100 Kroger gift cards.

Here’s a summary of the benefits we can enjoy by participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey:

  • Earn 50 bonus fuel points to save on gas
  • Get a chance to win a $5,000 Kroger gift card (grand prize)
  • Enter the sweepstakes for $100 Kroger gift cards

Let’s not miss the opportunity to share our thoughts and enjoy these fantastic rewards. Next time we shop at Kroger, remember to keep the receipt and visit the KrogerFeedback website to participate in the survey. Happy shopping, and good luck with the sweepstakes!

How do I contact Kroger Customer Service for survey issues?

We understand that sometimes, you may face issues while attempting the Kroger Feedback Survey. If this happens, do not worry. We are here to offer assistance and provide support. In order to resolve your survey concerns, you can reach out to Kroger Customer Service through various channels.

Firstly, you can call the Kroger Customer Service helpline at 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). A friendly representative will be available to answer your questions, guide you through the survey process, and resolve any difficulties you may encounter.

Another option is using the online contact form available on the Kroger Customer Service website. You can find this form by visiting their official website and navigating to the “Contact Us” section. Here, simply fill out the required information, including your name, email address, and description of the issue you’re experiencing.

If you prefer to reach out through social media, Kroger also maintains a presence on popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can send them a direct message or mention their handle in a public post, and a customer service representative will be ready to help you out with your survey concerns.

Please remember to provide clear and concise information when explaining your survey issue, so the customer service team can understand the problem and provide the best solution. We believe in making the Kroger Feedback Survey experience smooth and enjoyable for all our valued customers.

Can I get fuel points through the Kroger Feedback Survey?

Yes, participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey can earn you fuel points. By sharing your shopping experience with us, we can learn how to improve our services and make your shopping trips more enjoyable. In addition to that, you’ll be awarded fuel points for your valuable feedback. These points can be redeemed at any Kroger Fuel Center and help you save on fuel costs.

How do I log in to the Kroger Feedback website?

Logging in to the Kroger Feedback website is quick and easy. First, head over to the official website at To enter the survey, you will need your purchase receipt, as it contains important details like the date, time of visit, and entry ID.

Once you have your receipt handy, input those details into the appropriate fields on the homepage. Be sure to double-check the information you provided to avoid any errors. After entering the required information, click on “Start” to begin the survey. We appreciate your valuable feedback and look forward to making your next shopping experience with us even better!

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