Dota 2 Guide: How to Win a Lost Game?

If you love Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, Dota 2 will really impress you. Maybe that’s why you’re playing it right now but finding it difficult to perform optimally. Well, this article contains some tips that can help you play better.

Thankfully, DOTA 2 features 121 different heroes with diverse skills and abilities to select. Also, you can play with friends since a team must be made up of 5 players. The best part is that Dota 2 Hacks & Cheats are available online for beginners who’re struggling to play this game. All these features can be combined strategically to increase your competitive edge.  

So, you don’t have to lose games anymore. Simply combine these features plus the tips we’ll share below to win a Lost Game. Keep reading to learn more.

Dota 2 Guide: Win a Lost Game

Tips on Winning a Lost Game in Dota 2

Choose the versatile heroes

There are 121 heroes to select in Dota 2, but not all can face and win every situation. So, if you must win a lost game, think before choosing the heroes. Professionals recommend heroes like Nature’s Prophet, Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Slark, etc. These heroes are capable of facing the enemies alone without assistance. Also, they have the speed of moving about on the map and can be your core heroes or clear waves fast too. All these challenges are terrifying in the game but using a hero who can mitigate the threats is the right way to go. For instance, Storm spirit can use his lightning power to assist the team immensely. 

Change your strategy

Usually, when a team is losing, the right thing is to change the strategy to correct what they’re doing wrongly. So, one of the first things to do is check the tactics and see how to adjust them. For instance, some players believe that defense is better from behind the barracks or towers. But if your enemies are already ahead of your team in net worth, such approaches won’t work. So, instead of waiting just to defend, come out and gain more items or even target Roshan for those rare items that will increase your net worth. Also, try and kill some creeps for enough gold to purchase the important items that will help your team. 

Distract the enemies

If you’re aiming to win a lost game, another strategy is to distract your opponents from capturing the objective. Sometimes, you will notice the opponents attempting to push lanes, don’t ignore them but instead do the same from the opposite end. This will enable you to create a distraction while your team fights the enemies off the towers. When the enemy team faces fights or attacks from two different directions, their only choice will be to divide themselves into two to face it. Such division also means that all their resources will no longer be focused on one direction only. But remember, pushing lanes is only possible with heroes that can do it, such as Slark, Queen of pain, etc. 

Weaken the opposing team from behind

Apart from distracting the enemy through lane pushing, you can also weaken them by cutting the creeps that will assist them in pushing for your tier-two tower. This will be possible if some of your team members are already pushing the lanes- top and bottom towards their base. All you must do is move behind them and eliminate the creeps that could support them to push harder. When you do that, be ready to run because the enemy team will come for you since they can’t push the lanes anymore. This is why your hero should be one that can move faster than them, or else you’re gone. The good news is that your ability to outrun them will protect you, stall them from pushing and waste some of the resources that increased their net worth.


Dota 2 is a game that requires skills, tactics, strategy, and patience. The truth is that this game is highly challenging and also difficult to win. Many players complain that the game stresses them out even though they love the challenge. So, if you’re losing your game and feeling frustrated right now, try implementing the few tips above. Firstly, make sure the heroes you’re playing in the team are worth using. Also, sit back and consider your strategy to identify areas of weaknesses and implement changes. Most importantly, employ pro tactics such as causing distractions and weakening the enemy team even when their net worth is higher than yours. 

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