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Default Mobile Phone Settings:

When you purchase a new phone, chances are that the manufacturer has a preinstalled browser in it. You may not like the appearance. In today’s world, users have great choices and one among them should be the appearance of your browser’s homepage.

The settings to alter the browser homepage can be easily adjusted by a technician. Regarding that, you can as well be that technician by following instructions. The string: content://com.android.browser.home/ is the universally accepted code that initiates the change of default settings to ones that users prefer for their phone.

Device customization at a minimum allows the setting of the default application for most categories. The default UX or user experience may not conform to every customer’s unique set of needs. Most users prefer to change device view settings to something they like or associate to. It reduces the cognitive load- the mental energy required by the user to work with an app.

Steps to Change content://com.android.browser.home/ Settings

In a majority of android devices, the link can be accessed and changes effected by following the steps below:

Start by opening your browser application-on the phone.

  1. Select the menu button by tapping on it. Most devices have it on the top, to the right-hand side of the display screen.
  2. By clicking on the settings menu, scroll downwards in search of the option reading-settings for the Android browser. Select it and chose the general settings and choose the one on -Set the Homepage option.
  3. Paste the link or URL which is your preferred default. (Please note that you can also work with a blank page.)

In some instances, manufactures of the phone may hide the option to customize the default- web-browser option. What do you do? Below are steps to another way around it. If you cannot find that option because the maker of the phone has hidden it, then you have another option.

  1. Start by opening the site page you prefer to set as the homepage.
  2. Activate the button for the menu and save your preferred page to the bookmarks of your device.
  3. Get back to the menu again and this time locate the device history of URLs or bookmarked page.
  4. Locate the link to your preferred page and long-press it. The long-press will activate a series of options. Choose the one to set the link as the default Homepage.

Why should users know how to change their homepage browser settings?

There are reasons why you may need to change it. Your phone could have picked a malicious add-on while you were busy browsing. When your phone falls victim to adware, malware and other software that installs without your authority, they could alter your homepage. The solution is to adjust that manually. However, you may encounter more menace with the manipulative software, requiring you to take on more robust mechanisms to keep your phone security and efficiency at its best.

If a program manages to change your browser’s default search engine, a different search engine will appear when you use your browser’s built-in search features — the search bar or right-click search, for example.

For other reasons, genuine installations may alter your browser-homepage; that requires you to go the extra mile to reset it according to what you prefer best.

Various users have special tastes that can be best realized by adjusting the configurations of their browser settings. Android as a browser offers end-users many options to customize their settings. Home page preferences are part of that.

There are circumstances like the case for frequent travelers who may require setting browser homepages to non-Https. Their frequent access to the internet through public Wi-Fi may hinder them due to the strict Https protocol settings.

Technical information for content://com.android.browser.home/

The link is in three components:

One is the content: // it allows content to be shared by several apps within the device

Second is the com.Android.browser which is the name given to the package. This helps you tell know which application runs browser by default.

The third part is the home/ is a default address for the resident browser. It’s the resident’s homepage.

Time needed: 1 minute

  1. Change content://com.android.browser.home/ Settings

    Start by opening your browser application-on the phone.
    Open Browsers, then go to Settings and then click on preferences or settings.

  2. Change the HomePage.

    There you will find the option to change the home page

The URLs can be deployed to launch remote access as well as export the views to the apps. In other instances, the link is included in determining the behaviors of applications towards desired preferences.

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