9Anime – How to Access & Similar sites like 9Anime.Com

What is 9Anime?

Anime is the short-form of animation according to the Japanese people. I know you are wondering why 9 is before anime. 9Anime is a website that most animation lovers use to stream their favorite anime. However, 9Anime was removed from search engines such as Google. I know you might be wondering where it went to but don’t worry. I will let you know. You didn’t have to pay in order for you to have access to 9Anime. This made it easy for many anime lovers like you.

Therefore, www.9Anime.com removal from Google has caused a lot of trouble for most users and lovers of anime.

9Anime Access 9Anime.com


Why was 9Anime Removed from Search Engines?

I know this is a question that you have been asking yourself for some time now. Don’t be worried anymore because I have got the real reason for the removal of 9Anime from Google search engine. Due to many people coming out and claiming that they owned 9Anime Google decided to eliminate it from their search engine. So, if you have been wondering now, I am certain you know the real reason.

The Legality of 9Anime? is it Legal?

In the current world of technology, everything is accessible. However, if your region has restricted some websites and torrents it is usually illegal for you to access such websites. Therefore, it’s somehow challenging to answer you whether it is actually legal or illegal to watch 9Anime in your current region. You need to learn whether your region or government has restricted websites such as 9Anime.

In clear words,  www.9Anime.Com is illegal and I should recommend not using such sites.

Accessing 9Anime.Com

Currently, you can still be to access 9Anime. But it is restricted or the domain name changes from time to time. However, if you are always online you can learn on the various changes in domain name through different platforms such as Twitter or other social media platforms.

To access the 9Anime website, You should use a VPN service like HMA. Hide My Ass  VPN encrypts your browsing history and helps you to access all the websites. You can also read Mangahere stories using HMA.

Similar Websites Like 9Anime.Com

There are very many websites similar to 9Anime. If you are a fan of animations you definitely have knowledge about the following websites. They consist of:

  • KissAnime
  • AnimeHeros
  • KuroAni
  • Crunchyroll
  • GoGoAnime
  • AnimeUltima
  • Anime Stream
  • in
  • Ex Anime

The above are similar websites to 9Anime. They have different positive rating according to anime lovers. In addition, I will discuss them one after the other in order for you to know which is more suitable.


This is one of the many free websites that you can watch your favorite anime series and movies. It’s one of the free HD websites that you can watch your favorite anime shows. KissAnime is rated top among similar websites to 9Anime. This is according to the fans.


Many of the fans consider KissAnime as an alternative to 9Anime because it offers high-quality and free anime videos. Additionally, you can download anime movies from this site.


I know that you are tired of watching your favorite animes with a lot of advertisements in between. If so, then you need to start to use AnimeHeros. This is one of the best and similar websites to 9Anime. It offers you high-quality and high-definition anime movies.

anime heros

Therefore, if you have been looking for a website that really cares about your anime tradition then AnimeHeros is the best solution for you. Furthermore, for free you can watch either online or download your preferred animes.


Are you always faced with the task of creating a new account when you want to watch your anime? If so, I know this is usually disgusting. However, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because with KuroAni you don’t have to create an account in order to watch your anime.


Furthermore, it has the best subbed and dubbed animes that you can watch. Apart from animes, you can watch the best cartoons. This website is easy to use and you can access the chat option with much ease.


This is one of the best free websites that you can watch all varieties of animations that you have ever heard. In CrunchyRoll you will find the latest animes which are over 25,000 episodes and you can watch them for more than 15,000 hours. If you have an Android or iOS smartphone you can access it for free.


It has the best and high-quality anime videos like Golden Kamuy that you can find on other similar platforms. Additionally, it has both subbed and dubbed animes. It is you to choose to form their library. In order for you to watch anime for free, you have to subscribe to a particular plan.


Do you like animes such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, or Naruto? If so then GoGoAnime is the best and free website similar to 9Anime you need to visit. You can either watch them online or download to watch them later. In addition, most of the animes either have subbed or dubbed in English.

Many of the animes lovers consider GoGoAnime as the best alternative for 9Anime because it has English Subs and Dubs. This is one of the challenging factors for many anime lovers. Therefore, if you have been looking for a website that has English subs or dubs then you need to consider GoGoAnime.


This is a free website that you can visit in order to watch your favorite anime series or movies. Also, it is an alternative to 9Anime. If you are looking for dubbed versions of animes then AnimeUltima is one of the best. For the anime fans who love binge watching this site has videos that are of high-definition and quality.

Furthermore, AnimeUltima is a free site. Also, they usually update their anime content within a short period. Additionally, it is very easy to use once you create an account.

Anime stream

You might be tired of watching anime because of the numerous ads and flying banners. You are not the only one. Many anime fanatics don’t like the numerous adverts in some of the anime websites. If you are still looking for that one website that doesn’t have ads or fly banners then Anime stream is the best. First, this website is free and has English subs and dubs of different animes. However, currently, this website is not available.


This is one of the best alternatives for 9Anime. It is also free and has enough anime content that you can find in 9Anime. In addition, you can chat with other users as it has a chatbot. This site is easy to use and stream speed is fast. Moreover, it has high-quality videos just for you.

Ex Anime

Ex Anime

The process of signing up into an anime website is usually hectic. If you are tired of this process then you need to find a site such as Ex Anime. You don’t need to register in order to watch anime series or movies. Moreover, it absolutely free for all anime lovers. Also, you have the liberty to watch online or download your favorite animes.

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