Print a Printer Test Page on Windows 10/8/7 – A Step-By-Step Guide

We can’t deny the importance of printers in our daily lives as without them most official work can’t be performed. But sometimes printers stop printing for many reasons like low ink levels, loose cables,  paper jams, or old drivers. 

To check if your printer is working, you can try Windows OS to force the machine to print test pages. If you can print a test page successfully, you will only become sure that the printer is working correctly. Printing a printer test page is required for proper maintenance of your printers and ink cartridges. This step ensures you that your printer has no problem and can print all the colors accurately.

The question is, what is how to print a test page in windows? In this post, you will read about the printer test page, print a test page properly, and other relatable aspects. Have a look:

What is the Printer Test Page?

A printer test page is a page that contains pictures, texts, gradients, shadows, and all primary colors to make sure that the ink and head are properly working. A printer test page helps you determine the printing quality, color accuracy, printer alignment, etc. A sample test page has essential elements like text and pictures to analyze the printer’s performance.

Why Print a Test Page?

You should test the print page when you want to become sure that the printer is printing appropriately. It saves time and saves paper also as instead of printing multiple pages, it’s much better to print a test page. You must test the printer page every three weeks if you don’t use the printer regularly to ensure that ink flow is good and cartridges are not blocked.

Tools required to print a test page

  • A Test Page.
  • INK to Print a Test Page
  • Printer
Print a Printer Test Page

How to Print a Printer Test Page using Windows OS ?

We have mentioned how you can print a test page on various versions of windows. Have a look:

Printing A Test Page in Windows 10

  • Go to the “Taskbar” and type “Devices and Printers” in the Search box.
  • Tap on “Devices and Printers.”
  • Right-Tap on your “Printer.”
  • Tap on “Printer Properties.”
  • Choose “Printer Properties” only.
  • Inside the “General” tab, tap on “Print Test Page.”

Printing A Test Page in Windows 8(8.1)

  • Press the Windows key to reach the Start page.
  • In the box of the start page, type “Printer.”
  • After the search is finished, tap on the “Settings.”
  • Choose View Devices and Printers from the search results.
  • Right-tap on the icon “Printer,” and then choose “Printer Properties.”
  • Click on the option “Print Test Page.”

Printing A Test Page in Windows 7

  • Tap on the “Windows Start”
  • Choose “Control Panel.”
  • Select “Devices and Printers.”
  • Right-tap on “Printer.”
  • Select “Printer Properties.”
  • Tap on “Print a Test Page.”
  • After printing the test page, click OK.

Printing A Test Page in Windows Vista

  • Press tab on “Windows Start Button.”
  • Click on “Control Panel.”
  • Click twice on “Printer.”
  • Right-tap on “Printer and click Properties.”
  • Tap on “Print Test Page.”
  • After printing the test page, click on Close.

Printing A Test Page on Windows XP

  • Firstly, tap on the “Windows Start Button.”
  • Choose “Control Panel.”
  • Click twice on “Printers and Faxes.”
  • Tap-right on the “Printer” and then on “Properties.”
  • Now click on “Print a Test Page.”
  • After printing the test page, click on OK.

What to do when Printing Test Fails?

There is a chance that your printer is malfunctioning.

  • Open the printer to check for page jams. Remove stuck pages and print again.
  • Check the ink levels of your printer. Remove the empty cartridges with filled ones.
  • Check that the printer is connected correctly to the computer cables.
  • Update the printer’s drivers:
  • Tap on “Start.” 
  • Choose “All Programs.”
  • Select “Windows Update.”
  • Tap on the option “Check for updates” and then choose “Install updates.”
  • You can visit the printer manufacturer’s site to download the drivers and install them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I  Directly Print the Test Page from the Printer?

Yes, almost all printers include printing a test page from the printer directly or from the software/utility installed in the system. But, for each brand, the process is different, so you need to check the printer’s manual for the exact procedure. You can also print a test page from the operating system (OS).

Final Words

Hopefully, we have mentioned all the possible methods about “How to Print a Printer Test Page in Windows?” These troubleshooting steps can be performed by any individual as there is no technical step that requires guidance. If you are satisfied with the content of this informative article, then as a token of gratitude, we would like you to share your views in the comment box below. 

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