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Why Is JavaScript Essential for Web Development?

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages. It is the core of all dynamic websites and we don’t know how the web would perform without the power that JavaScript offers to web developers. Basically, all well designed and performing websites use JavaScript to offer real-time interactions with their visitors.

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Developers have wondered why JavaScript is the basic scripting language in web development although many other languages exist. Ruby, python are good examples of programming languages that can be used to develop a well-functioning website but JavaScript is the first choice for most developers. Have you ever asked yourself why?

This article is going to explain to you why JavaScript is very essential in web development and why it manages to beat competition from other programming languages as the most important scripting language in web development.

How Does JavaScript Work?

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. It is used to make largely interactive applications that suit all devices. Its actions take place in the client’s computer and it does not require the server for JavaScript to work. That means that once a website is loaded, you can access all its applications and interact with it without a network connection.

Here are some of the unique functions that JavaScript offers that add to the power and efficiency of the web.

  • Auto-complete
  • Validating input from forms.
  • Webpage animations
  • Loading new data without reloading a page.

JavaScript provides seamless interaction with the server without disrupting the client’s actions. This can be seen with the search suggestions that search engines use to improve and fasten your queries. JavaScript takes your suggestions and fetches relevant suggestions for you so that your search experience is fast and effective.

The algorithms that enable this are very large and complex. They cannot be hosted on your computer but the search engines’ servers do the work. JavaScript, therefore, communicates with the search engines servers to anticipate your searches and make them more accurate.

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript has been critiqued for being raw and very complex in web development. That is why many software engineers in the past have come up with JavaScript libraries. These libraries have made the language easier to deal with and make applications out of it.

J-Query is the most popular JavaScript library currently. It is used to make efficient, lightweight and powerful animations which increase the interactivity of websites. These libraries also reduce development time significantly. Ecommerce websites, search engines, content management systems all use the dynamics of JavaScript to make their websites more attractive and interactive.

Is JavaScript Enabled in My Computer?

After knowing the usefulness of JavaScript, you are probably asking yourself whether you have JavaScript enabled in your computer. Most modern browsers automatically have JavaScript enabled.

Unless you are using an extremely outdated browser, JavaScript is enabled. If you suspect that JavaScript is disabled, you can follow the following steps to enable it.

  • Open Your Browser
  • Click on the menu
  • Select the tools option
  • opt for internet options
  • Under this, select security
  • Under the Security tab, there is an internet option.
  • Mark, there is a custom level button. Select it and a new tab will appear.
  • Mark the box that shows active scripting.
  • Restart your browser for the changes to take effect.

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Download JavaScript on Windows 10 PC or Laptop

If you are new to software development, you might have questions on the JavaScript development environment. JavaScript does not require a compiler for it to run. Rather, it runs in a client’s web browser. You write a script and embed it in HTML code which then runs in the client’s computer when they visit your website.

  • In case, If your computer is not updating Javascript automatically then you can go ahead and Download Java file here.

As I mentioned before, all modern browsers support JavaScript. You do not need to worry about unsupported browsers. You also do not need to download additional software during development.

The JavaScript Risk

JavaScript has added unlimited usability to the web but some people are misusing the language. Malicious developers have for an instance are creating scripts over the web and running them on client’s computers. These scripts can pose a serious security danger to a computer’s apps and information. Oblivious users of the internet will fall into this trap.

You should, therefore, make sure that web scripts run separately and that they are not granted permission to certain locations in the computer. Black hats have been known to use JavaScript scripts to execute certain commands that make the computer’s information and data vulnerable.

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