Steam Screenshot Folder: Access and Change Screenshot Location

Had a great game? Did you take a screenshot? If so where is this Steam screenshot stored? If you don’t have an answer to the latter part don’t worry, today I’ll show you “EXACTLY” how to access and change the steam screenshot folder in less than 2 minutes. I will also show you how to take a screenshot from steam

In case you don’t know what steam is

Steam is an online gaming platform. It enables the user to buy, install, and play a variety of games.  Games and important applications on the software are updated automatically. The platform also provides “in-game voicing” and “chats” facility to users. Steam inaugurated in 2010 and is currently owned by Valve.

Steam Screenshots Folder Access and Change

Now I’m going to show you ways to access and change the steam screenshot folders. There are three different ways you can do this. Do check out all the methods and let us know what worked for you.

 Accessing The Steam Screenshot Folder

I have stated several methods that would do the job for you. If one way doesn’t work for you, you’ll always have an alternative.

1. First Method – Most reliable option to find steam screenshots

To see your screenshots, follow the following procedure:

  • Open steam and Click on view. (shown in the screenshot below.)
Accessing View Menu in Steam
Click on the underlined view bar.
  • Once you’ve clicked on view, you’ll see various options in the bar, from the options, click on the screenshot.
Access Screenshots Option in Steam
Click on Screenshots under the view bar.
  • Congratulations,  you’ve reached your destination. I.e. ( the screenshot folder)
Screenshots of cars from a video game in Steam
screenshots of multiple cars.

2. The second method to Acess Steam Screenshot Folder

You can also access your screenshots by locating the steam folder.

Follow the following steps to do so

  • go to Local disk C >go to program files(x86)>steam>userdata>your steamID>760>remote>1269550>screenshots (> indicates inside that folder)
Steam Screenshot Folder Location
Folder contains multiple Steam screenshots of cars from a video game.

3. Third Method

Locating your screenshot through the second method can be annoying. To prevent this from happening, you can simply paste your screenshot

directly to your desktop. I’ve further elaborated through the screenshots below.

  • Copying the Steam Screenshots Folder
    Right-click copy folder.


  • Underlined folder in desktop
    Underlined folder pasted onto the desktop.

As you can see I’ve pasted the screenshot folder from its previous folder to the desktop.


Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location

Follow the following steps to change the steam screenshot folder location:

  • Open steam, Click view and click the settings option.
Access Steam settings menu
Click settings option underlined in red color.
  • Once you’ve opened settings, click Ingame. In the Ingame category, click the screenshot folder,  select or create a folder and click ok.
Change Steam Screenshot Folder
Add a new folder.

Steam overlay won’t work – Here’s How to Fix

Another problem that is often complained regarding steam is that the steam overlay does not open. The real reason behind this is that the Steam overlay feature has not been enabled. No, there’s no rocket science in enabling it! It’s pretty easy, just follow the following steps and you won’t have to worry about the problem again.

  • Open steam, click the view bar and choose settings ( screenshot shared above).
  • Once you’re in the settings menu, click on the in-game option. Inside the in-game option, go to the steam overlay category and enable “the steam overlay while in-game” option
Steam overlay check box
Click and enable the checkbox.


Make sure that your hard disk/drive has enough space and not a lot of burden upon it. This might cause a lag in games. Also, try to have your computer clean from any sort of malware and keep your Operating system updated.

How to Take Screenshots on steam?

Taking screenshots on steam is very simple. Just press the F12 key and the system will automatically take a screenshot. If by some means your f12 key doesn’t work, you can take an alternative path by pausing the game. And open a snipping tool to take a screenshot. In most Operating systems snipping tool is already installed, you can access it by typing the “Snipping Tool” in the windows search bar. If you don’t have a snipping tool, you can download it from here.

If you take a screenshot using the f12 key. The system will automatically save the screenshot in the folders I have specified above. However, if you use a snipping tool to take a screenshot, then you will have to specify the folder yourself.


Make sure to keep your windows updated with the best antivirus Softwares installed on it. Also, you might want to make optimal space available for the automatic updates of steam games and applications. Low Disk space can result in game lag. Try to have minimal operations/applications running in the background as this, too, can result in game lag.

Stay well, and stay safe!

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