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roScripts - helping programmers program

With roScripts saving your resources, every step you take is always one ahead. Categorized into five main areas, roScripts makes it almost impossible for you to ever lose an important script, tutorial, snippet or any kind of webpage that you might find important for your present or future projects. Helped by our system it's very easy to start adding weight to your preferences. Once you log in and begin bookmarking resources that you find important, roScripts will automatically create a tag cloud representing your savings. Navigation between them will be so easy. No complicated schemas, hidden prices or untold things. A free community website created with love and maintained by someone who cares and tries the progress in every (relevant) aspect. If it's helping, you will most probably see it on roScripts.

RSS feed Programming Articles

Structured on many programming and design categories, our articles are manually approved and selected in order to meet your expectations. Everything from beginners to advanced tutorials, monthly galleries with the best websites and various other resources designed to help you on your way of creating rich, well structured and SEO friendly websites.
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RSS feed Programming Scripts

With almost 1000 categories and subcategories our scripts repository is one of the fastest growing on the internet. Listing a script has never been easier. In just 2 simple steps you can get new customers/visitors for your web applications and start benefiting right away. We review and approve new listings on a daily basis so the waiting is small.

RSS feed Webmaster Resources

Share, find, bookmark and vote for the best resources on the net. Anything that can help a developer on his projects is welcomed here. Every month we pick the "most voted" websites/webpages and create our galleries saving the winners in a honorable place along with a representative screenshot. Our monthly galleries have made the front page of digg, and other social bookmarking sites that generate huge traffic and an explosion of links and relations on numerous occasions. If there is something out there that you created or someone else and you think it should be present on our website, go ahead and nominate it.

RSS feed Freelance Jobs

Our small job board has helped hundreds of freelancers across the net to find new projects to work on. It's the ideal place where unexperienced people find their programming or design help. With more than 2,000 unique visitors per day and a highly targeted audience, we can call our job board a good friend for both parties and we kept the good part to finish with: it's free to join, post and apply!

RSS feed Programming Snippets

Small pieces of code, functions, classes, hacks or things you have to ask or search on the forums and search engines. Little snippets that can build your project piece by piece. You know how they say that "it's the little things that takes longer to do" so why should you lose valuable time searching all over the internet when you can have them saved here in one place.
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