Game Pou For PC/Laptop Free Download – Windows 8/8.1/7

Pou is a game with the alien pet, you have to make the pet grow by the food that you give it to feed. You can see the growth of it rapidly if you cross more and more levels. The more number of levels you play, more the strength of the pet. You can play against your friends and other people around the world. Pou character can be changed very easily.

This is a good game to play on PC/laptop. In this tutorial you can check how to download Pou for PC/laptop on Windows 8/8.1/7 and follow the steps in this post to download game Pou for laptop/PC.

Download Pou For PC/Laptop On Windows 8/8.1 Or Windows 7

You want to download Pou for PC, right? Here I’ll state some steps that are essential to install Pou on PC/laptop. Follow these steps and make your game Pou download on PC. You need a source software to download and play this app in your PC. If you don’t do the download of this software, you can’t use this app on PC/laptop. Here are the few steps to follow…

Step-1: You are gonna download and install Pou using the BlueStacks Software (Source), it is a software avail for free and simple to download. Download this from below link.

Download BlueStacks

Step-2: Later you complete the download, install it

Step-3: If you have any errors while installation, go to >> install BlueStacks error free

Step-4: If you completed the 3 steps well, then see the main portion that is installing Pou.

How To Install Game Pou For PC/Laptop On Windows With BlueStacks

Later the download and installing Bluestacks on your laptop/computer, it’s the right moment to use it to install Pou. To make that happen follow the stepwise guide to install Pou without difficulty.

These are the well arranged steps to do download of game Pou.

1) Run the Bluestacks in laptop (use the quick launch file on desktop)

pou for pc

2) Type ‘Pou’ and Click on “Search play for Pou

pou for windows pc

3) Click on Pou – It will ask to install: do it. Few apps will be displayed, neglect them.

game pou for laptop

This is about installing Pou, now you need to know how to play Pou in BlueStacks and moreover where to open it. For that check into the below 2 tiny tips..

How To Play Game Pou On Windows Laptop

We’ve finished the main and tricky procedure and now we got the game with us to play. Just you have to play it from now on…

4) You can find the Pou in All apps which will be in last position of first row of BlueStacks window

pou download pc

Now savor the game and I would wish to tell you some games that will really entertain you like Flappy Bird for PC, Plants Vs Zombies for PC, war game Clash of clans for laptop and Subway Surf for laptop. I hope these games will help you to get more fun. You can also use Messengers in your PC/laptop by doing Kik for PC, chatting app BBM for laptop and Fring for PC.

I expect that you’ll neatly download Pou for PC/laptop on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1/7 Laptop. If you got any queries to ask about or advices to drop, post them by a comment. Don’t forget to share this article on Social Webpages like Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

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