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What is Hotmail?

It is a free online email service whereby users access it from any web browser from any location around the world anytime using internet connections. Users can access the Hotmail account with their username and password.

Nowadays, Hotmail can be accessed by Microsoft accounts such as, One Drive, Skype, store, and MSN using the URL. If you are in the UK then you should use Hotmail.Co.UK.

Hotmail is the first web application to provide free email services and was launched in the year 1996. Hotmail remained under the name Hotmail emphasizing ‘HTML’  which stands for Hypertext mark-up Language which indicated the necessary coding of all web pages until Microsoft changed it into

Hotmail today, known as Outlook, is reliable as it is more secure and protected from hackers. However, to make your account as a user more secure, one is advised to change their passwords often.

Hotmail also provides free services for sending and receiving emails from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection provided.

Hotmail Login Sign Up Guide WWW Hotmail com
Hotmail Login Guide

Like a Hotmail user, you are advised to use different tactics to protect your account from hackers by:

  • Connecting your account with HTTPS, which ensures you are on a secure server connection, which provides that any data between you and the server will not be hacked.
  • When using public computers ensure to use HTTPS rather than HTTP to avoid someone else quickly accessing your account.
  • Always updating your password reset information, to allow you to easily reset your password in case you forget using the recovery information.
  • Create strong passwords to reduce vulnerability to hacking and with different variations to make your account more secure.

How to sign up for a Hotmail Account?

pasIn order to for one to sign up to a Hotmail account you will require using personal information such as:

  • Full names
  • Geographical region
  • Date of birth

After using the personal information, you will be required to come up with a simple, easy to recall and impossible to guess the password and username.

How do you create a Hotmail account?

  • First, visit the Microsoft outlook sign-up screen then click on create a free account.
hotmail signup at www hotmail com
Enter your desired username
  • Then a text box will be displayed where you will be required to enter your username, use a suitable username.
  • If you prefer a Hotmail account rather than, there will be a select box provided there you will be able to change the account from to
Hotmail com or Outlook com ot Hotmail CO UK
select Hotmail com or Outlook com
  • A password text box will occur where you will be asked to enter and re-enter your password.
creat homail com password
Select a Password for your new Hotmail Account
  • Other text boxes will be provided where you will be required to fill in your personal information to complete the creation of an account.
enter Hotmail username and last name
Enter your first name and Last Name

After filling all the information, click on submit and wait for feedback.

 How to log in to Www.Hotmail.Com or Hotmail.Co.UK

  1. Using Hotmail URL which is in your web browser open the Hotmail website. UK residents Should Visit www.Hotmail.Co.UK and follow the instructions.

The web page will redirect you to Microsoft outlook as it was merged with Hotmail so you will use the outlook login page.

sign in to www Hotmail com co uk account

If by login to outlook page your outlook inbox opens then you’re logged in.

microsoft log in screen for Homail users
Enter your Hotmail Password

If it opens a different person’s account, then log out by clicking the profile icon on the top right corner and click “log out” on the menu that will be provided.

  1. In the middle of the page, a login tab /sign-in will display, click on the tab then proceed.
  • In the email, phone number, Skype text box type your Hotmail email address for your account.
  1. Click next on the tab provided below the text box.
  2. A password text box will be provided .type in your account’s password.

If you forgot your account password, you need to reset it by clicking on the forgot password?  Then proceed.

  1. Then click on the sign-in tab which is below your password textbox. Your Hotmail account will open as long as your input information is correct.

During your login process, your account may end up blocked due to forgotten passwords or because there was an unusual sign in activities going on. To unblock your account, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Using a URL on your web browser use it to recover your account and reset your password.
  • Type in the email address of your blocked account, the provided characters, and click next.
  • Type in the provided code and use the verification option to verify your details and to get a message.
  • After typing in your security code provided, you will have to change your password to complete the process of unblocking.

As you have seen above, signing into a Hotmail account is easy and fast in any location provided you have an internet connection available. Due to Hotmail advancement to services are provided virtually, and storage is provided for free and links to various apps such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and mobile accesses. Sending and receiving emails is easy between email accounts.

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